Frequently Asked Questions

I want to have a chat, where is the telephone number?

We are happy answer any questions.  At this stage we don’t have a land line phone but if you email and send me your best contact number Melinda will call you asap.

When will  The Melbourne Map be finished?

We are working on the map every single day.  The research began in 2014 and illustration commenced July 2016. We of course would like to complete the illustration as soon as possible but we also want to make it the most extraordinary map of Melbourne it can be.   Therefore it is really difficult to be exact with the print dates.   The black and white art prints and limited editions will be produced first and we are aiming for late October/early November 2018.  Afterwards we embark on the task of meticulously hand colouring.   If you subscribe to our newsletter we’ll keep you in the loop on a regular basis.

Shipping Policy

Your map will be either posted via Australia Post with tracking numbers or via a courier service, again with tracking information supplied.  The maps will be packaged in a sturdy tube for ultimate protection in transit.

Returns Policy

All care will be taken to deliver your map in perfect order.   If for any reason this is not the case, please photograph the packaging and map (if damaged) and we will promptly investigate and replace.

What if I change address after I have pre-purchased?

We will be checking with everyone before we send out the prints to make sure your address is still current.

How can I help?

We love your feedback on the project, you can email us any time or comment at the bottom of our blog posts.

Pre-purchasing an art print or Limited Edition print helps us with the enormous costs involved.

Following, liking and sharing posts on Facebook, Instagram, You Tube and Pinterest really helps us spread the word about the project.  Thank you, we really appreciate  your support.

Sponsorship/collaborations –  Please email if you would like to discuss sponsorship, collaborations or special promotions.

How are you funding the project?

The costs are considerable and currently funded from a personal loan (aka I mortgaged the house).  We conducted an incredibly successful crowd funding campaign in April 2017 which has been an amazing boost.

100% of funds raised and all pre-sales of the new and old Melbourne Map go towards finishing the project.

If you know any businesses, or you are a business, that is interested in talking to us, or would like to pre-purchase a number of prints with your logo, then please email Mel –

In what format will the new Melbourne Map be published?

We imagine the Melbourne Map artwork will be used in many forms at different points in the future but our immediate publishing will be:

Limited Edition Archival Giclee Art Prints There are two editions types

  1.  Limited Edition of 300 – A magestic art piece printed the same size as the original drawing.   Available as Black & White line drawing or Full Colour.  Approx size 1700mm x 1100mm
  2. Limited Edition of 1000 approx 75% of the original (still a mighty big print)  Available as Black & White line drawing or Full Colour.  Approx size 1100mm x 800mm

The limited editions are Giclee printed on the finest archival quality rag paper, individually signed by the creators, numbered, embossed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Art Prints – The Melbourne Map art print will be available in Black & White or Full Colour.  These will be offset printed on beautiful quality print stock and available for purchase through our website, at picture framers, homewares and souvenir stores throughout Melbourne.

…. And a bit later we will publish:

The Melbourne Map Jigsaw – 1,000 piece puzzle

The Melbourne Map Gamebubbling in Mel’s head

The Melbourne Map App – plans are afoot for development.

What is the The Grid Reference and “Can You Find?” list?

We will be compiling a detailed list of Melbourne’s points of interest, plus a long list of things to search for on the map.

Where else can you find info on The Melbourne Map project?

We are on Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Pinterest and our blog.

How do we give back to Melbourne?

Well apart from putting our heart and souls into this project which we hope will bring joy to millions (is that over exaggerating?) we believe all businesses have a social responsibility to give back to the community.  We have chosen to support an amazing organization called Kids Under Cover.  A portion from the sale of every poster sold will go to Kids Under Cover and we will also support them by spreading awareness of the great things they do for the youth of Australia. For more information on Kids Under Cover, head to their website.

The Melbourne Map proudly supports Kids Under Cover

Where is the frog?

Not telling

Any more questions???

We are all ears. ?

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