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Vintage 1991 The Melbourne Map

Here’s our original Melbourne Map beauty. After five years working from the garage at the back of mum’s house between 1986 and 1991 we were so excited to share our full-colour Melbourne Map with the world.

The map was illustrated by Deborah Young-Monk and then accurately hand water-coloured by Heather Potter and Mark Jackson.

This project did not have the advantages of modern digital technology nor the power of the internet or social media however this full-colour version attracted media attention and was reproduced in Melbourne’s major newspapers and featured on radio and television programs.

It went on to become the highest-selling poster of its time, adorning the walls of tens of thousands of homes and businesses locally, interstate and overseas. Many of our current customers recall growing up with the original map on their wall and have fond memories of Melbourne during this time.

You can read more on the history of The Melbourne Map by clicking here

Available in two sizes until sold out - limited stock of the original prints.
Large – 920 x 700mm - from original stock
Small 600 x 460mm – from original stock.