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The Melbourne Map colouring underway


Sean and I first met through a friend of Lewis Brownlie, and as it turns out I have been admiring his artwork for many years.

The image above of Sean’s painting appears on a billboard at the entrance to Basils Farm on The Bellarine Peninsula. Little did I know that serendipity would lead to us working together on The Melbourne Map!

More information about Sean and his incredible body of artwork can be found on his website.

Sean Rodwell and Deborah Young-Monk

Sean Rodwell and Deborah Young-Monk

The colouring process will be completed digitally, using Photoshop software.  Whilst computer based, each stroke of the mouse, colour choice and design element takes an abundance of skill and artistic talent.
The first layers to complete are the water and roads. Next are the parks, gardens and greenery along streetscapes, followed by individual buildings and landmarks.

Sean Rodwell working on The Melbourne Map    Work in progress The Melbourne Map

The advantages of utilising modern digital technology allows a shorter production time (as opposed to water-colouring by hand), the ability to make changes as we progress and the possibility of presenting the map in other interesting ways in the future.

The images above are just the beginning as we watch Sean work his magic, bringing the map to life!

The Melbourne Map work in progress

Sean begins the work on the background colours first then continues to add layers and layers of colour, and create shading and effects.

The Melbourne Map colour prints and Limited Editions are still available for pre-sale at discounted prices – but only for a limited time before we go to print.   Full details on our website.

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