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The Melbourne Map in full colour is here

Bringing The Melbourne Map in full colour to the finish line has been an enormous challenge.  The team is so thrilled with the end result and we hope that you are too.

If you are one of our extraordinary and patient supporters who pre-purchased The Melbourne Map, then you would’ve received an email from us, advising that your print is ready for dispatch and requesting confirmation of your details.

Our friends at Frames Now have been assisting with the collation of updated address details, they have allowed us to bring in truckloads of tubes and packaging materials to their warehouse and their amazing team have been helping with the huge task of carefully preparing the maps for their journey to you.

Each map is carefully embossed, packaged in tissue and placed in a sturdy tube ready for delivery.

Embossing The Melbourne Map   The Melbourne Map colour prints

Tubes ready for packing The Melbourne Map    Melinda Clarke with Melbourne Maps ready for delivery

After an enormous response to the special framing offer, Frames Now have been working around the clock to finish them all and I believe that most of the framed maps will be ready this coming week.  If you haven’t already ordered The Melbourne Map in full colour you can do so via the website.  Collect the print at any Frames Now store or we’ll post to you.


Over the past four years I’ve loved hearing your stories of how the 1991 Melbourne map was part of your life all those years ago, and I hope that our new map will have the same impact on generations to come.