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Who knew I’d find these in the shed?

The other day I ventured into the shed where I store all my Melbourne Map memorabilia from the first project  published in 1990.  Back then the photos were filed neatly in expanding files.

Oh my gosh there are some pearlers in amongst these files.   I don’t think there would be another person on this planet that would have 7,500 printed photos of the streets of Melbourne taken in that one period in the late 80’s.  I am so glad I kept them, perhaps the State Library will be interested in curating these into some order in the future?

I’ve started posting some of these old photos of Melbourne on my Instagram and Facebook page.  They are receiving  great responses, so I think I will keep this up as people seem to be fascinated with them.  I’m having a great time tripping down memory lane and I guess others are too.

The photos below are of the Yarra near South Wharf, an aerial taken from one of my hot air balloon trips and Spencer Street station, now known as Southern Cross Station.   On my instagram post I incorrectly stated that the car in this photo was the “latest” commodore.  I was quickly corrected by two car enthusiasts who pointed out that it was in fact already 10 years old at the time.  I love how social media connects us in this way.

It amazes me constantly to discover new Melbourne pages, there are so many people passionate about this city, I just love it.

One of my favourites has to be @melbourneiloveyou on Instagram and @Humans In Melbourne on Facebook.  This guy Chris Cincotta takes awesome photos and documents  amazing conversations and observations of people in and around the city.

I’m slowly building and finding more and more Melbourne enthusiasts through social media.  I’m so enjoying  the experience of sharing the making of The Melbourne Map and inviting people into our little studio where it’s all happening (via the internet of course, we can only fit 3 people max in the map drawing room).

The Melbourne Map – full colour poster print published 1991

We’d love to hear from anyone who has owned, or still owns the original 1990’s edition.  I’ve had some beautiful reactions and stories already from people who remember The Melbourne Map when they were growing up.   Melbourne was a very different city back then.  Progress and change are good and has brought such amazing life into the city however I still hold a little flame for Melbourne in the 90’s.