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A spring in our step.

This season of Spring marks our third working on the map. It was a really cold winter in our studio (which is actually a big factory with high ceilings and the heat moves to 20 feet above us!) We’ve been rugged up as you may have noticed in our media posts – Lewis adorns his beanie, and even Poncho has a coat on.

Illustration progress has been amazing in the last month. Here are a few photos of The Melbourne Map taken recently.
To some people it may look complete however there are still loads of illustrations to be included. Think planes, trains, automobiles, boats, people, animals, map monster, statues and so on. As I often say, the devil is in the detail……



At every turn there are challenges for us and here is a list of some ahead. I include these just so you have an idea of the scope of this project and an appreciation of what we need to do before you have your black & white Melbourne Map in hand.

. Decisions about borders, horizon, and final inclusions.
. Scanning – not a straight forward exercise, we have trialed 3 photographers so far and have two more options up our sleeve.
. Post production of image to include extra drawing elements and fixing some errors – including some buildings that have been built in the last two years!
. Final paper selection and testing.
. Preparation of digital file for printing.
. Offset and Giclee printing, drying, packing, delivery
. Packaging design and production (6 different elements to create).
. Complete the Can You Find? and Grid Reference (any volunteers to count the number of cars etc?)
. Freight options.
. Framing, laminating and mounting options.
. Garage set up for rolling and packing.
. Re-check all the addresses for delivery.
. Deliver all the pre-purchase black & white prints and Limited Editions.
. Plan launches and exhibitions and media release.

Immediately afterwards we commence the hand colouring, which will be like putting a 10,000 piece jigsaw together. This next stage is very exciting and we look forward to sharing the process with you.


Here’s a few happy snaps from the studio this month.

Production Update
Of course the most asked question (besides queries about Lewis’s eyesight), is when will the map be finished????

We anticipate the Black & White edition to be printed in late October/early November.
The colour version remains a work in progress and I’ll keep you updated via this newsletter and on social media.


Our discounted pre-purchase prices will end once we go to print, so if you haven’t already done so and you’d like to secure your Melbourne Map at current prices then now is a good time.

Thanks as always for your ongoing support of The Melbourne Map project – we could not do it without you.