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Black & White edition ready to ship

The Melbourne Map line drawing is complete!

We are so excited to share with you the final line drawing of The Melbourne Map.

The image looks amazing and anyone who has visited the studio seems to take a gasp when they see it on the easel, followed by great words of encouragement for the creators, Lewis Brownlie (Chief Illustrator), Deborah Young Monk (Character Illustration) and Melinda Clarke (Founder/Producer)

Melding together Lewis’ magnificent illustration with Deborah’s beautiful character illustrations has been another great challenge as we have worked tirelessly on the digital file over the last month.



The limited edition prints, printed on archival 300gsm rag display the extraordinary detail of the illustration and will be a treasured by their new owners for generations.

Black & White

The next stage was to have The Melbourne Map Black & White art prints produced on the offset press. Another learning experience for us with great results.


The prints need to dry over the next few days, after which they will be trimmed and delivered to our workshop. The prints arrive on a pallet weighing 500kg so luckily we have a friend with a forklift who will help us unload. It’s these kind of things that you don’t always think about and I am so grateful for the friends and family around that are always so willing to help us out.

Channel 7 News came to the film the printing and later to the studio to interview Lewis & Mel.   The story can be seen via Channel 7 Twitter page here.