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Spencer Street to Southern Cross Station

The Melbourne Map illustration arrives at Southern Cross Station.

Spencer Street Station opened in 1859, five years after Flinders Street Station.   These two major Melbourne city stations were not linked until 1879 when a single-track ground-level line was opened.  It operated only at night and only for freight trains.  The photo below is a snapshot from Samuel Calvert’s engraving of Melbourne in 1880.




During our research back in the late 80’s this was our snap of Spencer Street Station
Spencer Street Station in 1989

Here’s how it appeared on the map black & white and colour versions of The Melbourne Map published in 1990 and 1991.


Spencer Street Station illustration 1990
Spencer Street Station illustration 1991 on The Melbourne Map


The 1880’s and the 1960’s saw expansions then modernization to the station but it was in October 2002 when the redevelopment construction began – designed by Nicholas Grimshaw (Grimshaw Architects).  By July 2004 the project had fallen behind schedule and over budget by $200 million.  The station was renamed from Spencer Street to Southern Cross on 13 December 2015 and completed by late 2006 in time for the Commonwealth Games.

The attractive undulating wave shaped roof is now a Melbourne icon and the building now houses a new coach interchange, food courts and a bar/restaurant.  Further development added a retail complex next door between Bourke & LaTrobe streets.

A Wikapedia search  delivers lots more interesting facts about the Southern Cross Station’s history.

This week Lewis immortalised Southern Cross Station on The Melbourne Map 2018 version.

Today we mark the first day of winter and it is pretty crisp in our Studio.  We share a big factory space with 4 other artisans and feel the extremes of weather in this place but Lewis and Poncho have dressed appropriately today.

Lewis and Poncho Brownlie

I hope you are keeping warm and cosy too.