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FIDO is on the map

We have met some amazing people along this map making journey. Early in 2017 our paths crossed with Anton Thomas who is also on an incredible map making adventure.


In 2014 Anton started illustrating a huge map of The North American Continent.

Recently there was an article written on his project over at  Zone One Arts – Anton’s story is fascinating and I recommend you head over and have a look at his magnificent piece of art (work in progress).

We sometimes meet up and compare notes on the joys and challenges of being involved in hand-made map making, and share our excitement at creating these mammoth tasks.

Yesterday Anton came to our studio as guest artist, to add “FIDO” to the map.


The idea came about after our visit to Anton’s studio earlier this year.   We went out for a bite to eat and came across FIDO  (Fairfield Industrial Dog Object).   Of course Fido had to go on the map, and Lewis suggested that Anton draw it on.



FIDO will definitely make it on to The Melbourne Map “Can You Find?” list