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On top of the world (well Melbourne at least)

It’s a bird!, it’s a plane!….. No it’s Lewis climbing to the top of tall buildings. (and oh yeah I was up there too.)

Lewis has been illustrating at a cracking pace, drawing the buildings in Melbourne’s CBD.  Our reference material primarily comes from on-line mapping programs however on occasions the images online can be 2-5 years out of date. There are so many new buildings completed or under construction, it is hard sometimes for us to keep up.

Recently we approached the managers of 568 Collins Street who kindly gave us permission to climb up to the very top of their 66 story sky scraper so we could take some important reference shots. Here’s a few photos of that expedition.

View North from 568 Collins Street rooftop
View east over the Yarra from 568 Collins Street rooftop.
Looking skyward 568 Collins Street
After arriving at floor 66 there were three more sets of ladders to climb

We took some fabulous photos from this dizzy height and the adventure was a memorable one for both of us on this map making journey.

Later the same morning Melbourne Star offered us a flight of a different kind over Melbourne. The views were equally spectacular and the commentary inside the capsules was very informative. Also a tad warmer than the top of 568 Collins!

View from our flight in the Melbourne Star