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Just think, if this person had not broken the rules then he would not have been immortalized on The Melbourne Map – 1990 edition. 

The other day I ventured into the shed where I store all my Melbourne Map memorabilia from the first project  published in 1990.  Back then the photos were filed neatly in expanding files.
After publishing the first Melbourne Map 26 years ago I received an “anonomous” letter from a pretty cranky person who pointed out that we had not included the Western suburbs on the map.
An email I received this morning reminded me that it has been some time since I have contributed to this blog and  that people really want to know how The Melbourne Map project is going.

Oh it sure does, and today that’s all that Lewis and I talked about.

Lewis Brownlie, Deborah Young and myself (about page) are being a bit more strategic this time round when planning The Melbourne Map. 

The Melbourne Map. It all started with the Love of Melbourne...