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The Melbourne Map line drawing is complete!
We are so excited to share with you the final line drawing of The Melbourne Map.

This season of Spring marks our third working on the map. It was a really cold winter in our studio (which is actually a big factory with high ceilings and the heat moves to 20 feet above us!) We’ve been rugged up as you may have noticed in our media posts – Lewis adorns his beanie, and even Poncho has a coat on.

The Melbourne Map is off to Texas.

Well it will be when it is printed.   We received a pre-order from Houston Texas today and the buyer sent us this note.

Deborah Young-Monk, illustrator of the original 1990 Melbourne Map whipped up this beautiful sketch recently –

“A Slice of the Bellarine”

Great progress this last month with more than half of the CBD buildings now inked on to The Melbourne Map.  Here are some progress photos.
It’s a bird!, it’s a plane!….. No it’s Lewis climbing to the top of tall buildings. (and oh yeah I was up there too.)